Small, mighty digital products

ColorElephant Studio buys and builds small digital products that help users, making them more productive and allowing them to make data actionable or improving day-to-day processes.

It is born out of ColorElephant — a 8+ year old digital studio with presence in the US and Europe working with leading brands and up-and-coming startups to create their digital experiences. It puts to use all of that knowledge into a big portfolio of small bets.

Just like our parent company we’re fully bootstrapped and focused on profitability. 

Elephants, delivering Saas

Our Awesome Team

The team building and launching our products has years of background in helping clients succeed with digital products. Most of the team at ColorElephant (our parent company) helps bring the Studio ideas to reality — but some are laser-focused here.

Ricardo Sousa

Co-Founder / CEO

Joana Castro Santos


Tiago Costa


Mariana Andrade

Product owner (studio)

Patricia Spinola
Marina Gergel
Ihor Prytulyak
Chrismarcel James
Gaurav Deshpande
Alina Ganova
Jelena Vuksanovic
Lester Basaca
Joshua Asare
Mouad Khchich
Mohamed Abdelall
Ozan Manav
Snezana Krstovic
Stanley Umeanozie
Yosef Tukachinsky
Yigit Sozer
Victor Ndu
Vaibhavraj Roham
Umer Hashim Qureshi